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Ryan authored this letter to his dad while in California State Prison - Corcoran. ryan maintained that he was wrongfully convicted throughout sentencing and punishment. he continued fighting for his freedom until the day he passed away in prison.

  • In this letter, Ryan details  abuse he endured by correctional officers. he was refused medication, forcefully injured, shackled, and left in a holding cell. 

  • of the over $81,000 per year it costs to house one inmate in california, over $16,000 goes to medical care. 

Corcoran Prison is run by the CDRC (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations)

It costs American taxpayers $81,000 a year to house one inmate.

  • Nearly 9% of California’s budget was allocated towards prisons, making it one of the highest funded departments in California’s budget.

  • California’s state institutional prison population is 115,000, just below Supreme Court mandated target of 137.5% of design capacity. Not including the additional 15,000 inmates housed in camps not owned by the state.


  • In 2017 alone, California taxpayers payed $11.4 BILLION dollars to oversee 129,000 inmates and 44,000 parolees.


  • In 1996 California state prison Corcoran was claimed as “the most dangerous of all state prisons.” Officers had killed more inmates than at any other prison, and it was known that some officers would “initiate fights among prisoners.”

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